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    Category: HVAC

    How Often Should You Get Your HVAC Unit And Heat Pump Checked?

    There is a saying that “If it ain’t broke, don’t try and fix it.” It’s a useful adage that basically tells you to leave things alone if they are working okay. However, there is a big difference between leaving something alone and maintaining something. Regular maintenance means things don’t break […]


    The Importance Of Maintaining Commercial HVAC Units

    The reasons for maintaining a commercial HVAC system are exactly the same as those for maintaining a domestic HVAC system, but with a few additions. Frequent maintenance increases lifespan of the HVAC unit Frequent maintenance maximizes efficiency of the HVAC unit Frequent maintenance of your HVAC unit leads to reduced […]


    Questions You Should Be Asking Your HVAC Engineer

    Okay, here’s the scenario. You are either faced with the prospect of installing a new HVAC unit in your home, replacing an old and inefficient unit, or you have just moved into a new home, in a new area, and you want to find a reputable HVAC engineer to carry […]


    Health & Safety Of Our HVAC Installation And Maintenance Staff Is Of Utmost Importance

    It is one thing to want to provide the very vest service to our many valued clients, but here at A&E Air Conditioning and Heating our greatest asset is our staff, and if we don’t look after them properly, we don’t have a business that can deliver on our promises. […]


    Is Being An HVAC Engineer A Worthwhile Occupation?

    Here at A&E Air Conditioning and Heating we might be slightly biased, but we believe that all our HVAC engineers are more than happy they chose this career path. Asides from the fact they all work for a wonderful boss, there are a good many additional reasons why anyone who […]


    Why Gas Furnaces Are So Popular

    It may seem an unusual question when you consider just how many people have them and you might assume that they have gas furnaces because that was what was installed in the property when they bought it. You’d be surprised just how many people make a conscious decision to have […]


    Zone Control – How To Make The Most of Your HVAC Unit

    The goal of using a forced air HVAC unit is for it to work as efficiently and economically as possible. So, is there anything you can do to help?  The answer is yes, use zone control, as installing a zone control system will help you get the maximum from your […]


    The Importance of Ductwork on Your HVAC’s Efficiency and Effectiveness

    Having a great HVAC unit is pointless if the ducting throughout your home is not correctly configured and used. It may seem odd, but if you get the balance of airflow wrong, not only will this lead to putting extra strain on your HVAC unit, but that, in turn, will […]


    The Importance of a Well-Balanced Airflow In Your Home

    If you want to live comfortably in your home, you would be surprised just how important the role of good airflow plays. Get it wrong and you can suffer from uneven cooling or heating, and poor indoor air quality, as well as end up with higher-than-needed fuel bills. So, what […]


    How Good Are You With New Year Resolutions?

    How many times have you made a New Year resolution or three, and by the end of January, you’ve broken them all? We have no idea why the Ancient Babylonians decided to introduce resolutions into their new year 4,000 years ago, but they wouldn’t have been much use today as […]