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    Category: Air Quality

    Five Main Factors Affecting The Cost Of Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

    Commercial air duct cleaning is a totally different world compared to residential air duct cleaning, even if the air ducts serve the same purpose in both types of location. The principal reason why relates to scale. If you can imagine the amount of ducting there may be in a megastore […]


    Here’s Why Summer Storms Can Affect Indoor Air Quality

    Summertime is that period of the year when our indoor air quality is at its lowest, and why having a good AC system with effective filters can make such a huge difference to your quality of life. So, what, specifically, creates this poorer air quality? Below we have the five […]


    The 5 Most Common Things That Pollute The Air In Your Home

    This may come as a surprise to you, but closing your windows doesn’t necessarily keep your home free from pollutants. In fact, you may be trapping pollutants in your home that a light, fresh breeze could well reduce. Surprisingly, it is many of the things we use in in our […]


    Why Indoor Air Quality Is So Important

    Here at A&E Air Conditioning and Heating it surprises us how many of our customers take air quality for granted and pay little attention to ensuring the quality of air in their homes is the best it can be. So, why is air quality so important? The main answer to […]


    What Are The Statistics Of Indoor Air Quality?

    Indoor air quality or air quality of home is the most prominent issue now days.  Every home is struggling with the indoor pollutants. Indoor air pollution has been ranked among the top five environmental dangers by EPA. However, it is a fact that tight and close-fitting construction decreases ventilation and […]