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    Category: HVAC

    Three Things You Must Do Before You Turn On The HVAC or Forced Air Heating This Winter

    At this time of year, the temperature can change in a heartbeat, and winter can literally snap when you least expect it. Don’t get caught out and take it for granted that your HVAC unit, or forced air heater will fire up and work perfectly, especially if it has been […]


    5 Top Tips For Preparing Your HVAC For Winter

    Your HVAC unit doesn’t need round-the-week maintenance, but at certain times of the year it is best to double-check everything is in perfect working order, such as the beginning of summer and the beginning of winter. There’s nothing worse than the system giving up the ghost the first boiling-hot or […]


    5 Great Benefits of a Forced Air Furnace

    A forced air heating system is either a natural gas or propane-fired heating system that involves drawing air from within your home, heating it, and then distributing the warm air through a series of vents. It is an extremely popular form of home heating, and here are five of the […]


    Duct Tape Isn’t For Sealing Your HVAC Ducts

    It may sound like a complete contradiction in terms, but though it is now called duct tape, its only real use is for minor household projects. The name duct tape has evolved over time in the same way that Chinese whispers works. It was originally developed to seal round ammunition […]


    Dispelling Three Most Common HVAC Myths

    If you have an air conditioning unit, then you should be aware that an annual checkup is a definite must if you want the unit to run efficiently and last a long time. If you have an HVAC unit that provides you heat in the winter as well, then a […]


    HVAC And DIY Repairs Do Not Always Gas Well As Planned

    Many of us like to think we are quite the handyman or handywoman around the house. We feel equally comfortable with a saw, hammer or screwdriver in our hand as we do a knife and fork. Much of our skillset comes from experience, or from having been shown what to […]


    Make Sure You Keep Your HVAC Condensate Drainage Pipe Clean

    One of the problems if you don’t have your HVAC unit regularly serviced, is that faults can occur over the passage of time. Not everything that can go wrong with your unit is instant. As a result, while you may think your system is operating perfectly, the truth is a […]


    Is Your HVAC Unit Creating Hot And Cold Spots?

    One of the most common problems we come across with HVAC units we haven’t ourselves installed are hot and cold spots you can find throughout your home. Now there’s no need to worry of you recognize the symptoms, as more often than not there is a simple, inexpensive and efficient […]


    Questions You Should Ask Your HVAC Repair Company

    Your HVAC unit is an important part of your everyday life. It is one of those things that is easy to take for granted, and you only really notice just how essential it is when it stops working! Of course, if regularly and professionally maintained, you should never have any […]


    How Severe Weather Can Cause HVAC Problems

    When the weather is at its worst, that’s when you really want your HVAC unit to step up to the mark and perform valiantly. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case, but a little bit of foresight can help to minimize the chances of things going wrong. Take power surges as […]