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    Archive: January 2022

    Why Regular Tune-ups For Your Furnace Are So Important

    For many of you, not bothering with a regular maintenance contract for your furnace or HVAC unit may seem like money saved, especially if you have a relatively new one. The problem is, there is a fair chance that this will become a false economy and, in the longer term, […]


    The Importance Of Sound Electrical Wiring – DIY vs Using A Qualified Electrician

    Some of us have such poor DIY skills that we can’t even put up a shelf. However, there are some of us who feel we can turn our hand to anything, following the philosophy of “How difficult can it really be?”. That’s all well and good for many DIY tasks, […]


    How To Minimize Storm Damage To Your HVAC Unit Or Heat Pump

    If you live in an area that suffers from extreme weather conditions, and especially winter storms, the external element of your HVAC unit or heat pump, the compressor, is exposed to all the elements and, as a consequence, risks being damaged. However, there are some preventative measures you can take […]


    What Causes My Heater To Smell, Particularly As Though Something Is Burning?

    The answer to this question will usually depend on when you last fired up your heater or furnace. At the beginning of every winter, when you first fire up your heater or furnace, the changes are that dust will have accumulated over the summer, especially if you have had doors […]