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    Category: AC Maintenance

    How To Take The Strain Off Your AC Unit In The Summer… And Reduce The Running Costs!

    Obviously once the temperature outside your home begins to soar, so the temperature inside is going to rise, and your AC unit is going to start having to work overtime. Obviously, the greater strain your AC unit is under the more likely it will either break down, or require replacement, […]


    When Not To Cut Corners When It Comes To Saving Money On A New HVAC Unit

    Unlike a refrigerator or television, HVAC units don’t come already assembled. This is a fact not many of you may know unless you have been present at the installation of a previous unit. So, if you have two different companies selling the same HVAC unit, but one is appreciably cheaper […]


    Don’t Get Caught Out By The Backlog In Supply Of Air Conditioning Units And Spare Parts

    We have absolutely no doubt that you are fed up with reading news about problems created by the COVID-19 pandemic, and here at A&E Air Conditioning and Heating we apologize if this may seem like even more bad news. In truth, this isn’t so much bad news as us trying […]


    Is It Worth Moving Your External Air Conditioning Unit From Outside Your Property?

    Sometimes the appearance of the air conditioning unit can be slightly on the unsightly side. In addition, if it is located outside a bedroom window, the noise can be an unwelcome disturbance. However, before you think about moving your AC unit indoors, you also have to establish if you have […]


    Why It Makes Sense To Have Professional Maintenance On Your HVAC Unit

    There are three main reasons why you should ask a professional to maintain and service your HVAC unit, as well as carry out any necessary repairs. First off, there is a matter of safety. HVAC units work of gas or electricity, both of which means that for your own personal […]


    Like Humans, AC Units Make Strange Noises When They Are “Unwell”

    When you think back to how we all react to pain, or if we are feeling sick, invariably we all make noises we wouldn’t usually make when we are 100% fit and healthy. Well, surprise surprise, your HVAC unit is no different, though the strange and unusual noises it will […]


    When You Need to Consider Replacing Your Air Conditioning Unit

    How many of you have been caught out by what is referred to as “throwing good money after bad”? When a repair is always going to cost less that a replacement where appliances are concerned, it is difficult to look at the longer-term picture and realize that there comes a […]


    We Accommodate All Your AC Servicing Needs In And Around Bulverde, TX

    If you are new to the Bulverde, TX area, then no doubt you will be filling your address book full of the names and addresses of people you may need to call on from time to time. Obviously, there will be the physician, dentist, local builder/handyman, electrician and plumber to […]


    What Is The Perfect AC Temperature Setting?

    It is estimated that the cost of running all AC units in the United States runs to a staggering US$29 billion for homeowners, while the amount of energy equates to 6% of the national energy used in a year. While this may appear to be an enormous sum of money, […]


    Questions You Should Ask Your HVAC Repair Company

    Your HVAC unit is an important part of your everyday life. It is one of those things that is easy to take for granted, and you only really notice just how essential it is when it stops working! Of course, if regularly and professionally maintained, you should never have any […]