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    How Good Are You With New Year Resolutions?

    How many times have you made a New Year resolution or three, and by the end of January, you’ve broken them all? We have no idea why the Ancient Babylonians decided to introduce resolutions into their new year 4,000 years ago, but they wouldn’t have been much use today as their new year began in March!

    Most of our resolutions tend to focus on health and wellbeing, usually in the form of giving something up, or taking more exercise, invariably with the intention of losing some weight. The fact that Christmas and New Year festivities usually lead to a certain level of overindulgence leads to many of us becoming more conscious about any weight gain, which probably explains why this is the most popular of all resolutions.

    But why do resolutions have to be about us and what we do for ourselves? Is there anything wrong with making a resolution that involves our home? It may be to get some guttering replaced, building that new terrace in the back yard or, internally, it could be replacing that temperamental heating unit.

    Nobody looks forward to the cost involved in replacing an HVAC unit, yet like so many things in life, we can build up something that is potentially negative to unrealistic proportions. Nowadays, thanks to modern technology, heating units are more efficient, yet not as costly as you may actually imagine, especially as we are nearly through the worst of winter and summer is still a long way away. It’s an excellent time to ask for a good deal and perhaps some favorable finance on a new boiler.

    The great thing about keeping a New Year resolution to replace your old heating unit is that in the years to come, this is one resolution that will definitely save you money in the long term as you watch your new, energy-efficient unit help you lower the cost of your regular energy bills. Buying a new heating unit may not help you trim your waistline, but it will help you trim your energy budget!

    Why not give us a call at A&E Air Conditioning and Heating in Bulverde, TX and have a chat with us about the best deal we can give you on a new HVAC unit. It costs nothing to talk and we can assure you that we don’t use high-pressure sales techniques, we just tell you the truth…


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