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    Category: HVAC

    Are home warranty plans a good deal?

    Here at A&E Air Conditioning and Heating we are often asked if home warranty plans are a good deal. Invariably, our answer is generally no, but not for the reasons you may think. If there is an instance where it might be appropriate, is if you are on an extremely […]


    Easy-To-Spot Warning Signs Your Air Ducts Need Repairing

    When we clean our home, we make sure that everything we can see looks good. That can cover everything from vacuuming or mopping the floors, running a duster over easy-to-reach surfaces and on a bright and sunny day, even cleaning the windows. Every so often, we may even go as […]


    Highlighting The Benefit of a Mini-Split HVAC System

    There are two principal drawbacks to a traditional HVAC unit, though these far outweigh the drawback of not having one at all! First, the ducting can take up quite a lot of space within your home, and not every property, especially if of an older design, makes the installation of […]


    Is Your HVAC Furnace Leaking?

    We all dread the sight of any water around or next to our furnace as it invariably means there is a problem and, probably a costly one at that. It may be that you are more a reactionary as opposed to a proactive person and therefore you only call out […]


    Time To Change Your HVAC Unit? Here’s Some Advice on SEER Ratings

    It is always tempting to keep your old HVAC unit running until it dies, literally. However, with older units, energy efficiency is at a minimum at the end of its lifespan, and ultimately you could be spending more on energy than you would save with a new unit. However, when […]


    Don’t Make These Costly Mistakes When Running an HVAC Unit to Cool Your Home

    With a little bit of careful planning, not only can you reduce the running costs of your HVAC unit, but you can also make it last longer before it requires replacement, or costly repairs. There is an expression which says: “A little knowledge can go a long way”, and with […]


    The Damage You Can Do to Your HVAC System If You Have a Bad Capacitor

    A capacitor is like a battery which stores a large amount of energy, which is drained in one hot when used, after which it recharges. In an HVAC unit, the capacitor is an essential part of the mechanism which both enables the fan to start moving, and also move the […]


    Making Sure You Have The Right Ducting for Your HVAC Unit

    There is no industry standard and one-size-fits-all ducting for home heating and air conditioning. There are a variety of different materials used, and diameters of ducting vary considerably, depending on the area being cooled or warmed up. In movies, we’ve all seen the rigid galvanized ducting, usually standard installation in […]


    Winter’s The Ideal Time to Install Air Conditioning

    No, we haven’t made a mistake or lost the plot, we’re serious. Think about it for a moment and ask yourself why the winter’s the best time to by a convertible car – because nobody buys a convertible in the middle of winter, and so dealers often have great deals […]


    Why Replacing Your Furnace Filters Will Save You Money in the Long Run

    With winter upon us, now is a good time to check your furnace filters, assuming you haven’t already done so as part of your ‘winter’s coming’ maintenance program. Unless your furnace is relatively new, the filters may not be functioning at their optimum, and if they aren’t doing their job […]