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    Archive: March 2021

    The Main Reasons Why Your Air Conditioning Unit May Be Blowing Out Warm Air

    When the temperature is soaring, we tend to rely very heavily on our AC unit to maintain a cooler temperature indoors. When your AC unit fails to deliver, it tends to lead to periods of anxiousness and frustration, but if you know what to check, there’s a good chance you […]


    Why Installing A “Smart” Programmable HVAC Thermostat Makes So Much Sense

    Did you know that your thermostat isn’t a part of your HVAC unit but is totally independent of it? What this means is that you can change your thermostat without having to change your entire HVAC unit. That’s the first bit of good news! The next bit is that you […]


    Don’t Get Caught Out By The Backlog In Supply Of Air Conditioning Units And Spare Parts

    We have absolutely no doubt that you are fed up with reading news about problems created by the COVID-19 pandemic, and here at A&E Air Conditioning and Heating we apologize if this may seem like even more bad news. In truth, this isn’t so much bad news as us trying […]