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    Zone Control – How To Make The Most of Your HVAC Unit

    The goal of using a forced air HVAC unit is for it to work as efficiently and economically as possible. So, is there anything you can do to help?  The answer is yes, use zone control, as installing a zone control system will help you get the maximum from your system in terms of comfort and efficiency.

    Now what, exactly, is zone control and how does it work?

    Zone ControlZone control comprises a series of dampers located throughout your HVAC ductwork which can be opened and closed to specifically control the direction of air flowing throughout the ductwork. Each zone can then be controlled by individual thermostats, or with the use of one master thermostat, allowing you to regulate the temperature in each individual room.

    Having such control over your HVAC system can provide several benefits, which we have listed below:

    Energy Efficiency: Why waste energy heating or cooling rooms that nobody is using? Removing rooms that are not in use from the heating/cooling system is a great way of substantially reducing your fuel bills.

    Customized Comfort: Not everybody feels comfortable in a room at the same temperature. Thus, if one of your children rarely feels the cold and likes a lower temperature in their bedroom, but another child hates the cold and prefers to keep as warm as toast, with zone control, you can set the temperature in each room to meet the needs of each child, rather than trying to reach a compromise with the same temperature in all rooms, but one where none of you are entirely happy.

    Reducing the need for repairs: Having an HVAC system that operates at optimum efficiency means less stress is being placed on the unit, which means that the likelihood of the need for repairs will also be reduced.


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