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    Category: Tips

    Plug-in Power Surge Protectors Are Nowhere Near As Effective As Built-in Ones

    For many of you, a power surge is what may happen if you or a neighboring property gets struck by lightning. In truth, very few properties are ever struck by lightning and those which are most likely to have lightning conductors. However, electrical items in our home are subject to […]


    Freon – R22 Often Used In HVAC Units Is Now Officially Banned For Import Or Production In The USA

    If you have a relatively HVAC at home, you may be wondering why the banning of production or importation of Freon, or R22 as it is known, may have any relevance to you. Older HVAC units contained CFCs Well, old HVAC units used Freon as a coolant and subsequent research […]


    Questions You Should Be Asking Your HVAC Engineer

    Okay, here’s the scenario. You are either faced with the prospect of installing a new HVAC unit in your home, replacing an old and inefficient unit, or you have just moved into a new home, in a new area, and you want to find a reputable HVAC engineer to carry […]


    What To Do Before Calling Us Out If Your HVAC Unit Stops Working

    A&E Air Conditioning and Heating will come out on an urgent call whenever help is needed. However, while we believe our call-out fees are very fair, we like to go one step further and make sure that what we may be called out for can’t be easily fixed by yourself. […]


    Is Being An HVAC Engineer A Worthwhile Occupation?

    Here at A&E Air Conditioning and Heating we might be slightly biased, but we believe that all our HVAC engineers are more than happy they chose this career path. Asides from the fact they all work for a wonderful boss, there are a good many additional reasons why anyone who […]


    Three Simple Tips To Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Heater

    Whether it is in the middle of winter when it’s bitterly cold outside, or in the middle of summer when the temperature has risen so high it is uncomfortably hot outside, it is all too easy to take our HVAC unit for granted. We only ever realize its true worth […]


    The Importance Of Clean Ductwork In Your Home

    As long as your HVAC unit seems to be working, it is pretty much a case of letting sleeping dogs lie. For many of you, if the unit has given you no problems for a year, what is the point in getting an engineer out to check things over when […]


    Three Things You Must Do Before You Turn On The HVAC or Forced Air Heating This Winter

    At this time of year, the temperature can change in a heartbeat, and winter can literally snap when you least expect it. Don’t get caught out and take it for granted that your HVAC unit, or forced air heater will fire up and work perfectly, especially if it has been […]


    HVAC Tips To Save Money And Energy Throughout The Year

    The average utility bill of an average household is more than $20,000. It is necessary to save money and energy without sacrificing comfort. For the assistance of our respectable customers we are providing a short info graphic. It contains some efficient HVAC tips to save money and energy throughout the […]