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    Health & Safety Of Our HVAC Installation And Maintenance Staff Is Of Utmost Importance

    It is one thing to want to provide the very vest service to our many valued clients, but here at A&E Air Conditioning and Heating our greatest asset is our staff, and if we don’t look after them properly, we don’t have a business that can deliver on our promises.

    While you might think that paying our staff well and allowing them a good amount of holiday time would be ‘looking after them’, but there is something far more important than that. Their physical wellbeing.

    Working on HVAC units comes with more workplace risks than your average job, especially when you consider our engineers work with electricity and gas on a daily basis. “Just be careful” is not sufficient concern, though it should go without saying, nonetheless. However, the best way to look after our staff is to ensure that we are fully up to date with all the directives and advice provided by the Operational Safety and Health Administration and that we implement safety training that all our engineers must undergo.

    Are there many dangers with HVAC installation and maintenance?

    As a homeowner, the first thing we want to do is assure you that there are minimal dangers associated with HVAC units provided those involve din their maintenance and repair are fully qualified and know what they are doing. That is why we have rigorous training programs and a very stringent Health & Safety policy to protect our engineers against the following risks:

    • Electric shocks
    • Exposure to chemicals from leaky/faulty HVAC equipment
    • Personal injury – HVC units are heavy so we always ensure that ample manpower is provided for each and every task
    • Negligence – all our engineers go through stringent training to ensure that nothing is ever neglected
    • Burns – by their very nature, HVAC units can generate considerable heat, so HVAC engineers need to be acutely aware of how to avoid any risk of being burned
    • Accidents – a clean working space is a safe working place. Our engineers are taught from the very beginning to operate in a clean, tidy and methodical manner in order to minimize any risk of personal injury from tripping or falling over any equipment.

    Properly equipped for the HVAC job at hand

    Providing staff with appropriate working clothing and the correct tools for the job is a key element to increasing the safety of our staff, including protective goggles and dust masks, etc.

    There is no such thing as being too safe, and if you would like to witness at first hand just how professional and safety conscious our engineers are, why not give us a call and book an HVAC maintenance visit.


    **A&E Air Conditioning & Heating is a full service HVAC company providing Air Conditioning and Heating installation and repair services in San Antonio, Bulverde, New Braunfels, Boerne, Buda, Kyle and surrounding areas.