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    Category: AC Repair

    The Main Reasons Why Your Air Conditioning Unit May Be Blowing Out Warm Air

    When the temperature is soaring, we tend to rely very heavily on our AC unit to maintain a cooler temperature indoors. When your AC unit fails to deliver, it tends to lead to periods of anxiousness and frustration, but if you know what to check, there’s a good chance you […]


    Don’t Get Caught Out By The Backlog In Supply Of Air Conditioning Units And Spare Parts

    We have absolutely no doubt that you are fed up with reading news about problems created by the COVID-19 pandemic, and here at A&E Air Conditioning and Heating we apologize if this may seem like even more bad news. In truth, this isn’t so much bad news as us trying […]


    What’s Causing My Furnace To Trip The Circuit Breaker?

    If the circuit breaker for you furnace or HVAC unit keeps tripping, there is no need to panic and anticipate that a hefty repair bill will be something else for you to deal with. Furnaces are inherently dangerous units as they involve gas or oil burning in order for air […]


    Like Humans, AC Units Make Strange Noises When They Are “Unwell”

    When you think back to how we all react to pain, or if we are feeling sick, invariably we all make noises we wouldn’t usually make when we are 100% fit and healthy. Well, surprise surprise, your HVAC unit is no different, though the strange and unusual noises it will […]


    When You Need to Consider Replacing Your Air Conditioning Unit

    How many of you have been caught out by what is referred to as “throwing good money after bad”? When a repair is always going to cost less that a replacement where appliances are concerned, it is difficult to look at the longer-term picture and realize that there comes a […]


    Easy-To-Spot Warning Signs Your Air Ducts Need Repairing

    When we clean our home, we make sure that everything we can see looks good. That can cover everything from vacuuming or mopping the floors, running a duster over easy-to-reach surfaces and on a bright and sunny day, even cleaning the windows. Every so often, we may even go as […]


    We Accommodate All Your AC Servicing Needs In And Around Bulverde, TX

    If you are new to the Bulverde, TX area, then no doubt you will be filling your address book full of the names and addresses of people you may need to call on from time to time. Obviously, there will be the physician, dentist, local builder/handyman, electrician and plumber to […]


    Is Your HVAC Furnace Leaking?

    We all dread the sight of any water around or next to our furnace as it invariably means there is a problem and, probably a costly one at that. It may be that you are more a reactionary as opposed to a proactive person and therefore you only call out […]


    Time To Change Your HVAC Unit? Here’s Some Advice on SEER Ratings

    It is always tempting to keep your old HVAC unit running until it dies, literally. However, with older units, energy efficiency is at a minimum at the end of its lifespan, and ultimately you could be spending more on energy than you would save with a new unit. However, when […]


    Don’t Make These Costly Mistakes When Running an HVAC Unit to Cool Your Home

    With a little bit of careful planning, not only can you reduce the running costs of your HVAC unit, but you can also make it last longer before it requires replacement, or costly repairs. There is an expression which says: “A little knowledge can go a long way”, and with […]