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    Category: Air Filtration

    Replacing Your HVAC Air Filter Is A DIY Job You Should Be Easily Able To Do

    We always recommend that you have your HVAC unit regularly serviced in order to maximize its lifespan, ensure your running costs are as low as possible, and to avoid emergencies were it to pack up in the middle of sub-zero temperatures or a heatwave. However, while servicing your HVAC unit […]


    How Often Should You Change Your Furnace Filter?

    Perhaps before answering the question of how often you should change your furnace filter, maybe it would make more sense to understand why it is important to change your air filter and why it is not something that only needs doing ‘when you feel like getting round to it.’ There […]


    The 5 Most Common Things That Pollute The Air In Your Home

    This may come as a surprise to you, but closing your windows doesn’t necessarily keep your home free from pollutants. In fact, you may be trapping pollutants in your home that a light, fresh breeze could well reduce. Surprisingly, it is many of the things we use in in our […]


    Why Replacing Your Furnace Filters Will Save You Money in the Long Run

    With winter upon us, now is a good time to check your furnace filters, assuming you haven’t already done so as part of your ‘winter’s coming’ maintenance program. Unless your furnace is relatively new, the filters may not be functioning at their optimum, and if they aren’t doing their job […]


    3 Symptoms Which Tell You If You Have Enough Air Filtration

    Air filter is an essential part of every heating and cooling system. How would you know that you have enough air filtration or not? Actually air filters serves two major roles. It cleans the indoor air from all sorts of allergies and irritations creating bacteria and germs. Secondly, it protects […]


    How To Choose Good Quality Filters For Your HVAC System

    In the contemporary era, the most challenging task is to choose good quality filters for your HVAC system, as everyone is selling their brands by portraying it to have ‘first-class’ quality. The most important part for every heating and cooling system is air filters. The problem is that it is […]