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    The Importance Of Clean Ductwork In Your Home

    As long as your HVAC unit seems to be working, it is pretty much a case of letting sleeping dogs lie. For many of you, if the unit has given you no problems for a year, what is the point in getting an engineer out to check things over when you can put it off for another years?

    Problem is, there’s a reason why the expression “prevention is better than cure” exists, in fact it could have been created for HVAC units. It costs more to fix an HVAC unit that’s been badly treated than it does to maintain one regularly, it’s that simple.

    However, when it comes to a regular servicing of your HVAC unit, here at A&E it’s not just the HVAC unit that we check out for you. We also check air filters and air ducts, to make sure all is well in those areas too.

    When it comes to your air ducts, there are three great reasons why it pays to have them regularly checked:

    1. No matter how hard you try and clean your home, it will never smell that fresh and clean as long as you have a build-up of dust and microbes in your HVAC ducting. Just think, every time you switch your unit on, all the air circulating throughout your home has to travel over and through all that build-up of unhealthy stuff in your vents.
    2. Filthy air ducts are a haven for bacteria and microbes, which in turn can be very damaging to your health, especially if you already suffer with breathing problems, such as asthma.
    3. Blocked or even partially blocked air ducts can severely affect the efficiency of your heating unit and push up you heating bill unnecessarily.

    At A&E Air Conditioning and Heating we have all the right equipment to make ductwork cleaning as easy and effective as possible, so why not give us a call to come out and give yours a thorough clean – you may not be able to see the difference once all the covers have been put back in place, but you’ll certainly smell the difference the moment you fire up your heating system!

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