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    Is It Worth Moving Your External Air Conditioning Unit From Outside Your Property?

    Sometimes the appearance of the air conditioning unit can be slightly on the unsightly side. In addition, if it is located outside a bedroom window, the noise can be an unwelcome disturbance. However, before you think about moving your AC unit indoors, you also have to establish if you have […]


    Should I Consider A Heat Pump Mini Split?

    When it comes to home heating systems, heat pumps take a lot of beating. Het pump mini splits allow you to have one outdoor unit and anything up to four internal air handlers providing temperature-controlled air. The great advantage of the mini split means that you can reverse the heating […]


    Three Great Tips For Making Sure Your HVAC Is Ready For The Winter

    Here at A&E Air Conditioning and Heating we are frequently referring to the need to call out an HVAC engineer to sort out problems with your HVAC unit. However, there is still plenty you can do yourself to keep on top of general maintenance and to help avoid unnecessary breakdowns. […]


    Why It Makes Sense To Have Professional Maintenance On Your HVAC Unit

    There are three main reasons why you should ask a professional to maintain and service your HVAC unit, as well as carry out any necessary repairs. First off, there is a matter of safety. HVAC units work of gas or electricity, both of which means that for your own personal […]


    When Is The Best Time To Invest In New HVAC Equipment?

    There is one word in the above question that you should take note of, and that is ‘invest’. A good HVAC unit is an investment, both in terms of the value of your home, and also in terms of the cost of heating and/or cooling it. An HVAC unit doesn’t […]


    Here’s Why Summer Storms Can Affect Indoor Air Quality

    Summertime is that period of the year when our indoor air quality is at its lowest, and why having a good AC system with effective filters can make such a huge difference to your quality of life. So, what, specifically, creates this poorer air quality? Below we have the five […]


    Like Humans, AC Units Make Strange Noises When They Are “Unwell”

    When you think back to how we all react to pain, or if we are feeling sick, invariably we all make noises we wouldn’t usually make when we are 100% fit and healthy. Well, surprise surprise, your HVAC unit is no different, though the strange and unusual noises it will […]


    Is It Worth Installing A Germicidal UV Light In My HVAC System?

    There are four types of UV light that are known about and understood. UVA is what we usually associate with the light that tans us and ages our skin. This is roughly 80% of the UV radiation that reaches us from the sun. UVB is often the form of UV […]


    How Often Should You Get Your HVAC Unit And Heat Pump Checked?

    There is a saying that “If it ain’t broke, don’t try and fix it.” It’s a useful adage that basically tells you to leave things alone if they are working okay. However, there is a big difference between leaving something alone and maintaining something. Regular maintenance means things don’t break […]


    Is Your Heat Pump Trying To Talk To You?

    No, we are not implying that you may be struggling to retain your sanity. Far from it. In truth, if you listen to your heat pump from time to time, it can tell you a great deal about its current state of health. Just as we speak one language, so […]