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    Like Humans, AC Units Make Strange Noises When They Are “Unwell”

    When you think back to how we all react to pain, or if we are feeling sick, invariably we all make noises we wouldn’t usually make when we are 100% fit and healthy. Well, surprise surprise, your HVAC unit is no different, though the strange and unusual noises it will make when it is not operating correctly will sound somewhat different to those made by a human being!

    So, what are the noises we should be listening out for and what do these noises imply? Let’s take a look:

    1.     If you can hear a squealing sound, chances are there’s a problem with the belt connecting the blower to the AC unit. Belts wear out relatively frequently, and before the break they will usually start to slip, hence the resultant squealing sound. A drop off of airflow rate will usually confirm this is the problem.

    2.     If there is a regular thumping sound or a rattle, then it’s likely something has either come loose of fallen off. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that if your AC unit still works it will probably sort itself out. It won’t, and there is a greater chance you will simply do more (expensive) damage to your AC system.

    3.     If you can hear a hissing sound, it is unlikely a snake has got trapped in your AC unit. Instead, the level of refrigerant needs checking and you also want to look for leaks. Have a look on the floor underneath and by your AC unit and if there is a pool of liquid, you’ve got a problem.

    Here at A&E what we want to tell you is that repairs to your AC unit are unlikely to be as much as you may fear – especially if your unit is regularly maintained. Whatever you do, if there are strange noises coming from your AC unit, get in touch with us and tell us exactly what the problem seems to be. We can usually give you a likely estimate of the repair costs involved.


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