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    Is It Worth Moving Your External Air Conditioning Unit From Outside Your Property?

    Sometimes the appearance of the air conditioning unit can be slightly on the unsightly side. In addition, if it is located outside a bedroom window, the noise can be an unwelcome disturbance. However, before you think about moving your AC unit indoors, you also have to establish if you have somewhere suitable to place it. Not everywhere is suitable as in addition to the generally large size of the unit, you also have to ensure that it is well ventilated on all sides – you can’t tuck it away out of sight in a cupboard.

    Unfortunately moving your AC unit indoors comes at a cost as this is no DIY task for the enthusiastic and practical homeowner. Before the unit is moved, it has to be drained of all refrigerant, which is no easy task and which can involve having to vacuum the liquid out of the coils and tubing.

    You then have to cut the refrigerant tube and detach the thermostat wire, then relocate the main unit to its new site. The site itself has to be prepared to ensure that it is 100% level as well.

    Once relocated, the refrigerant tubing needs to be adjusted and re-welded to the unit, after which it needs topping up with refrigerant. Thereafter, the thermostat cable needs to be adjusted and then reattached.

    Finally, the unit needs to be turned back on.

    And the cost? It is unlikely you will get much change from $1,000.00, though there are, of course, many variables.

    If you are thinking of relocating your AC unit from outside your home, why not give us a call here at A&E Air Conditioning and Heating. We’d be more than happy to come out, have a discussion with you concerning what you are looking to achieve, and beyond providing you with an accurate quote for the cost, we may be able to come up with a more cost-effective solution.


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