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    When Is The Best Time To Invest In New HVAC Equipment?

    There is one word in the above question that you should take note of, and that is ‘invest’. A good HVAC unit is an investment, both in terms of the value of your home, and also in terms of the cost of heating and/or cooling it. An HVAC unit doesn’t only need replacing once it has broken down for the twentieth time, it needs replacing when it no longer works efficiently.

    In general terms, and HVAC unit should last between ten and fifteen years, depending on how often it is used and how well it has been maintained. If you have recently bought a home and have no idea about the service history or the age of the currently installed HVAC unit, our advice here at A&E is to get it fully checked out. Contrary to what you fear, we will not automatically take one look at your old unit and then run off a list of reasons why it needs replacing, unless that is the genuine case.

    If your house no longer smells as fresh as it used to, or if you have moved into a house that has a musty smell, it could be that the HVAC unit just isn’t driving enough clean air through the property and may need replacing. Of course, it might just need a new filter, so check that first.

    If the HVAC unit is making suspicious noises, then once again we recommend you get it checked out. That odd noise may be the precursor to something more major going wrong, but early intervention could save you having to replace the whole unit unnecessarily.

    Finally, the best time to change your HVAC unit is when your local HVAC specialist is promoting a good deal with special discounts or favorable payment p0lans – not everyone can afford to pay cash for a new unit!

    If the thought of getting a new HVAC unit has been in the back of your mind for a while, we’d love to come out, have a look at your old unit and give you a clear and accurate idea of the costs involved in replacing it. You never know, you might be pleasantly surprised at the cost as we try to be as competitive as possible. Just give us a call to arrange a suitable time for you.


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