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    Replacing Your HVAC Air Filter Is A DIY Job You Should Be Easily Able To Do

    We always recommend that you have your HVAC unit regularly serviced in order to maximize its lifespan, ensure your running costs are as low as possible, and to avoid emergencies were it to pack up in the middle of sub-zero temperatures or a heatwave. However, while servicing your HVAC unit […]


    Does It Really Matter If My HVAC Ducting Isn’t Properly Sealed?

    There is, unfortunately, only one answer to the above question, and that is a resounding “Yes!” While it may not seem too much of a problem if your ducting allows 20% of the ‘conditioned’ air to escape, it immediately creates three problems. First, the air that flows through your HVAC […]


    How To Take The Strain Off Your AC Unit In The Summer… And Reduce The Running Costs!

    Obviously once the temperature outside your home begins to soar, so the temperature inside is going to rise, and your AC unit is going to start having to work overtime. Obviously, the greater strain your AC unit is under the more likely it will either break down, or require replacement, […]


    Plug-in Power Surge Protectors Are Nowhere Near As Effective As Built-in Ones

    For many of you, a power surge is what may happen if you or a neighboring property gets struck by lightning. In truth, very few properties are ever struck by lightning and those which are most likely to have lightning conductors. However, electrical items in our home are subject to […]


    When Not To Cut Corners When It Comes To Saving Money On A New HVAC Unit

    Unlike a refrigerator or television, HVAC units don’t come already assembled. This is a fact not many of you may know unless you have been present at the installation of a previous unit. So, if you have two different companies selling the same HVAC unit, but one is appreciably cheaper […]


    The Main Reasons Why Your Air Conditioning Unit May Be Blowing Out Warm Air

    When the temperature is soaring, we tend to rely very heavily on our AC unit to maintain a cooler temperature indoors. When your AC unit fails to deliver, it tends to lead to periods of anxiousness and frustration, but if you know what to check, there’s a good chance you […]


    Why Installing A “Smart” Programmable HVAC Thermostat Makes So Much Sense

    Did you know that your thermostat isn’t a part of your HVAC unit but is totally independent of it? What this means is that you can change your thermostat without having to change your entire HVAC unit. That’s the first bit of good news! The next bit is that you […]


    Don’t Get Caught Out By The Backlog In Supply Of Air Conditioning Units And Spare Parts

    We have absolutely no doubt that you are fed up with reading news about problems created by the COVID-19 pandemic, and here at A&E Air Conditioning and Heating we apologize if this may seem like even more bad news. In truth, this isn’t so much bad news as us trying […]


    How Much Does It Cost To Install A New Air Conditioning Unit?

    This is probably the most frequently asked question when it comes to air conditioning. The main reason for that is that AC units don’t need to be replaced that often, so unless you actually work in the business of supplying and fitting AC units, there is no reason for you […]


    5 Main Reasons Why Your Air Conditioning (AC) Unit Is Constantly Running

    Once the hot weather arrives, there’s nothing better than to turn on your air conditioning (AC) unit to create a haven or sanctuary away from the heat. However, while you may not spot the problem immediately, eventually you may notice that your unit is constantly on the go, pumping out […]