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    Five Main Factors Affecting The Cost Of Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

    Commercial air duct cleaning is a totally different world compared to residential air duct cleaning, even if the air ducts serve the same purpose in both types of location. The principal reason why relates to scale. If you can imagine the amount of ducting there may be in a megastore compared to a three-bedroom family house, you can get a better idea what we are talking about. Consequently, the five main factors affecting the cost of commercial air duct cleaning are mainly related to scale of the work.

    Commercial Air Ducts

    To begin with, labor is likely to be the major cost, and the bigger the job and the faster it needs to be completed (usually working when commercial premises are closed for the night), the greater the number of cleaners that will be required.

    Second, there is the actual dimensions of the ducting, as the longer the ducting, the more expensive the task. When you consider the length of ducting in multi-story offices, shopping malls, churches, sports stadia and the likes, the length of ducting can easily run into hundreds, if not thousands of meters.

    Third, there is the existing level of cleanliness of the ducting. Filthy, dirty ducting which has not been cleaned for some considerable time will cost appreciably more to clean than commercial air ducting that was cleaned six months ago.

    Fourth, you have to take into account the accessibility of the ductwork and whether sections have to be dismantled to permit access. The strategic placement of vents, grills, grates, or registers will greatly facilitate the cleaning process and help to reduce the overall amount of time required to complete the task, and therefore the cost.

    Last, there is the actual condition of the ducting. Older ducting is generally harder to clean and will take longer to clean as, if you employ a reputable company to do your air duct cleaning, they will also carefully inspect it for any damage as it is cleaned. This will be followed by the compiling of a schedule of necessary repairs, and also a schedule of recommended repairs to prevent future problems.

    Unlike a three-bedroom home where we can give you an approximate idea of the cost over the phone, providing a quote for commercial air ducting requires a comprehensive on-site inspection. A&E welcomes the opportunity of inspecting your commercial air ductwork and providing you with a detailed, fixed-price quote, free of charge.

    We have been involved in commercial air duct cleaning for many years and we have an excellent combination of experienced staff, the appropriate equipment, and invaluable experience to provide a first-class service. Please fee free to give us a call and invite us out at a time that is most convenient for you. We are happy to pay you a visit outside normal opening hours of your premises if that would be less disruptive as well.


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