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    What Are The Statistics Of Indoor Air Quality?

    Indoor air quality or air quality of home is the most prominent issue now days.  Every home is struggling with the indoor pollutants. Indoor air pollution has been ranked among the top five environmental dangers by EPA. However, it is a fact that tight and close-fitting construction decreases ventilation and the indoor air pollutants become trapped inside your home and make you sick. You spent approximately 70% of your time indoors. Like at home, at work place, at school etc. It is also a fact of indoor quality that, the indoor air’s quality is about 4 to 5 times more polluted than the outdoor air. Because of this poor indoor air pollution, there has been shocking rise in the quantity of youngsters with allergies and asthma.

    According to the American Lung Association, the worst impact of indoor quality is that they cause lung cancer among the people.

    Pollutant indoor air is also a leading cause of heart attack. Some viruses, mold, and dust mites are also involved in making the indoor air quality pollutant. Moreover, it is true to say that the quality of indoor air is hazardous and can be poisonous if you do not control it at all the time. So, why do not you want to make your indoor air 100% healthy? Do not need to worry about the statistics of your indoor quality, just contact us; we will surely approach you to make sure your system is producing 100% healthy air.


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