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    When Not To Cut Corners When It Comes To Saving Money On A New HVAC Unit

    Unlike a refrigerator or television, HVAC units don’t come already assembled. This is a fact not many of you may know unless you have been present at the installation of a previous unit. So, if you have two different companies selling the same HVAC unit, but one is appreciably cheaper than the other, why do you think one can be so much less money to buy?
    The simple answer comes in the cost of assembly and fitting, not the cost of the actual HVAC unit. The company offering the same unit at a higher price isn’t automatically making a bigger profit, especially if the unit is being assembled by fully qualified HVAC engineers.

    The nearest comparison we can perhaps provide is the difference in cost of a major service for your truck carried out by a recognized garage and a small garage tucked away in a back street. Who would you trust to do the best job? In the same way that correctly fitting brake pads to your truck requires a skilled mechanic to do it properly and, importantly, safely, the same applies to your HVAC unit as one connected incorrectly, especially if it is a gas-fired unit, could be putting your life at risk.

    Here at A&E Air Conditioning and Heating we know we may not be the cheapest installer of a new HVAC unit, but we like to think we are one of the best and that we can still provide good value for money, and here are some reasons why:

    • All out engineers are highly experienced and fully qualified, which means that the quality of workmanship offered is second to none.
    • Our business has grown in size on the back of testimonials and word-of-mouth recommendations. We know that establishing a reputation in a location can take years to achieve, and just one bad job to destroy it.
    • We are an established company, which means that if we provide guarantees and warranties with the work we do for you, we’ll still be around in a few years’ time in the event you need to make claim on any warranty. The same can’t be said of many less-established businesses.
    • What price can you put on peace of mind? If you are going to spend a few thousand dollars on a new HVAC unit, do you really want to then worry if it has been properly installed by a capable engineer? With XX, you have that guaranteed peace of mind and the assurance that the extra money you may have spent on installation costs has also protected your investment, not jeopardized it.

    If money is a major concern, before you make any final decisions on who to buy your new HVAC unit from, give us a call and have a chat with us about various financing options that could fit within your budget, leaving you free to enjoy your new HVAC unit, instead of worrying about the cost.


    **A&E Air Conditioning & Heating is a full service HVAC company providing Air Conditioning and Heating installation and repair services in San Antonio, Bulverde, New Braunfels, Boerne, Buda, Kyle and surrounding areas.