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    5 Main Reasons Why Your Air Conditioning (AC) Unit Is Constantly Running

    Once the hot weather arrives, there’s nothing better than to turn on your air conditioning (AC) unit to create a haven or sanctuary away from the heat. However, while you may not spot the problem immediately, eventually you may notice that your unit is constantly on the go, pumping out cold air non-stop. At first you may put it down to it being hotter than usual, but eventually it’s going to dawn on you that all is not as it should be.

    Constantly Running AC

    A constantly running AC unit won’t just drive up your fuel bills to eye wateringly high levels, you can also run the risk of wearing out your unit well before it would normally require replacing. The question is, what could be causing this problem?

    1. Is your air conditioning unit too small?

    AC units come in all shapes and sizes and the optimum-sized unit for your home should be chosen based on the cubic footage of your home. If you are thinking of replacing your AC unit, then a qualified engineer will be able to do all the calculations for you. However, if the AC unit was installed by the previous homeowners, it may be that they saw a new unit on special offer but didn’t realize it was too small once it had been installed.

    2. Is your home properly sealed?

    All too often we associate air leaks and draughts as problems associated with winter and the need to keep your home warm, yet many forget that in a hot summer, those same leaks let hot air into a home you are trying to cool down. The best thing to do is to check round all your door and window frames for any leaks and to take remedial measures to resolve the problems, or get in some professional help.

    3. Is your air conditioning air filter dirty?

    This should usually be your first check if your AC unit isn’t running properly. A blocked air filter will often be the cause of a constantly running AC unit. As a rule of thumb, you should change your AC air filter every ninety days, though if it is working flat out during a heatwave, you may want to replace it every 30 days.

    4. Are the condenser coils in your air conditioning unit dirty?

    Like your air filter, having dirty air conditioning coils can cause your AC unit to run constantly. These copper pipes are crucial to help the liquid refrigerant flow, so if you can’t find any other problems, get an engineer out to give your AC unit a thorough check over.

    5. Is it time to replace your air conditioning unit?

    If there is one thing that can be guaranteed about an AC unit, it is that one day it will need replacing. There will eventually come a time when simply having it repaired each time there is a problem will just mean throwing good money after bad. AC units that are on their last legs invariably cost more to run and so investing in a new AC unit is a good way to save money in the longer term and help reduce your household running costs.

    Whether it is a case of your AC unit running constantly, you have other problems with your unit that are causing you concern, or you would like some professional advice about the current state of your AC unit, here at A&E Air Conditioning and Heating we’d be delighted to provide you with the very best professional advice. Get in contact and let’s make an appointment to come out and check it over.


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