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    How To Choose Good Quality Filters For Your HVAC System

    In the contemporary era, the most challenging task is to choose good quality filters for your HVAC system, as everyone is selling their brands by portraying it to have ‘first-class’ quality. The most important part for every heating and cooling system is air filters. The problem is that it is not a visible part of the system and gradually drops its efficiency without any extreme changes.

    Here are our manufacturing guidelines based on MERV rating range, which will give you assistance in choosing good quality air filters for your HVAC system.

    • An effective flat fiber glass filters, which is good and inexpensive and have MERV rating from 1-4. They are intended to keep save your HVAC system from harmful particles. These superb air filters can trap about 80% of particles 10 microns and larger. They increase air quality to a smaller extent.
    • Another incredible class of air filters is pleated. They are of medium density due to larger surface area. Their MERV ratings are 5-13. They are normally composed of cotton or polyester. They are highly efficient and increase the indoor air efficiency.
    • The most efficient and practical air filters for residential use are high efficiency air filters having MERV ratings 14-16. They are efficient enough to remove 85% of pollutants from air.

    These guidelines are designed especially to make our customer understand about the selection of good quality air filters. For more queries you are appreciated to call us on our contact numbers.


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