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    What Is Involved In Installing A Commercial Cooling System?

    Installing a commercial cooling system is a completely different ball-game to installing a domestic HVAC unit and requires experienced installation experts.  At A&E Air Conditioning and Heating, we thought we would run through an example of what would be involved for the installation of an air cooling system in an office to give you a clear idea what to expect.

    Commercial Cooling System

    Installing a commercial cooling system – first things first

    Before doing anything, a full site inspection would be required to accurately establish exactly how much work would be involved and also to help calculate the power of the cooling system to be installed. The inspection would also ascertain how, or if, any ducting can be fitted, if it does not already exist. Finally, the location of the cooling system, together with appropriate vents/outlets would need to be established to ensure that the office space was evenly cooled.

    Choosing the right commercial cooling system products

    There is quite a variety of cooling systems available, not just in terms of size but also makes. The right model for you will be suggested based on a combination of needs together with your budget.

    Once the system has been chosen, we would then provide you with a comprehensive quote, to include the removal of any existing cooling system where appropriate. Once our quote and timeline has been accepted, we would then carry out the full installation.

    However, once installed, our work isn’t finished. Our next step would be to calibrate the system to ensure it is working at maximum efficiency.

    Of course, we wouldn’t then desert you, as all units we install come with a warranty as well as an agreed annual maintenance contract if required.

    To find out more about commercial cooling systems, why not give us a call and we’ll be happy to set up a meeting with you.


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