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    Top-Five Reasons To Make Sure Your Heater Is Working Properly

    Heater MaintenanceHere at A&E Air Conditioning and Heating we had an assessment of what all our engineers felt were the main reasons for ensuring your heating system was working properly at home.

    Here is what we came up with, and we hope much if it will make sense to you.

    1. Safety – there is no question that when it comes to your furnace or any HVAC unit, ensuring it runs properly is vital for your personal safety and that of anyone else in your home. Where gas is the fuel used, carbon monoxide exhaust gas kills nearly 500 people every year in the USA from faulty heaters.
    2. Cost – an inefficient heater costs more money to run than a regularly maintained heater
    3. Comfort – there is nothing worse in the middle of winter than never being able to get warm enough, or to be able to cool down in the middle of summer. Regularly checking of thermostats, ducts and filters can eradicate this problem.
    4. Noise – often referred to as the “death rattle” in the business (for the boiler, not you) – if your heater starts to make ominous sounding noises, chances are it is on its last legs, especially if it is over ten years old. Rather than risk a major blow out, if your heater has started to make strange noises, call us out to have a quick safety inspection for your peace of mind.
    5. Dry air – most modern HVAC units have a regulator to ensure that your home stays sufficiently humid, without being damp. If you let your home become too dry, this can lead to itchy eyes, a sore throat and respiratory problems.

    If you haven’t had your heating unit checked recently and things don’t seem to be running as efficiently as you would like, why not give us a call and we’ll be happy to pop out and give your system a quick once-over for you.


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