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    How To Tell It’s Time For Your Heating System To Get A Check Over

    The moment anything goes wrong with your home heating system, whether a furnace or HVAC unit, there is always a sickening feeling that follows. That feeling comes from the fear that the only possible outcome is going to be an extremely large and particularly unwanted repair bill or, even worse, a huge outlay on a whole new heating system.

    Following a philosophy that as the heating system still functions, to a degree, and therefore having someone look at it is still an option, this usually results in a false economy. Why do we say this? Because nineteen times out of twenty, a problem with your HVAC unit or furnace can easily, and inexpensively be fixed. However, if you leave a problem to get worse, it can cause irreparable damage to your heating system and result in a major financial outlay that could have been easily avoided.

    So, our advice if something goes wring with your home heating system is to call us out to have a look and, ideally, fix the problem without breaking the bank. Now, to give you a helping hand, the following is a list of the six most common and easily fixable problems people experience with their home heating system.

    1. Your home has ‘cold spots’ – sometimes this can go unnoticed if that ‘cold spot’ is in a spare bedroom or an area you don’t use much in the winter. A common cause is a lack of power from the blower fan, but it can also be as simple as a blocked duct.
    2. Your fuel bill is higher than you expected – this is usually a clear indication that your HVAC system or furnace isn’t running efficiently. With the cost of fuel today, whether electricity or gas, it’s remarkable how quickly a tune-up or repair can pay for itself.
    3. Your system is making strange noises – this is usually a sign that something has worn out or worked its way loose. No system benefits from having loose bits rattling around and they can cause untold damage if not removed or fixed.
    4. There is an unpleasant smell coming from the heating system – musty smells are usually caused by condensation forming around a heating unit, or through a blocked air duct.
    5. Your system seems to be working overtime – we usually get used to the rhythmic cycle of our heating system and how it switches on and off depending on the thermostat’s setting. If the boiler seems to be running more frequently, chances are it is in need of a good service and overhaul.
    6. Your system keeps breaking down – eventually there comes a point where all you are doing is throwing good money after bad, and though it may seem that the cost of a new furnace or HVAC unit is something you want to avoid, spending a couple of years on constant fixes for your existing system can turn out to be a complete waste of money.

    Here at A&E Air Conditioning and Heating we have two great bits of advice for you. If your heating unit isn’t working 100% efficiently, get it inspected to find out what the problem is, and get it fixed. Second, get your heating system regularly checked and serviced as that will help it to both run efficiently, and also last a lot longer. Why not give us a call and ask us to come over and give your system a once-over and then we can advise you on the costs of any necessary repairs and/or a vital maintenance contract.


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