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Is Your HVAC Ducting Air Tight, or Does it Leak?

It is hard to ‘visualize’ the problems created by leaking air ducts, simply because any problems are unlikely to be clearly visible. It is for this reason that ducting problems are one of the most poorly diagnosed HVAC problems, and why they can often cost you a great deal of money even before you realise there is a problem. Here at A&E Air Conditioning and Heating we are keen to ensure that your HVAC running costs are kept to a minimum, which is why we want to recommend a regular check of your HVAC ducting.

What to “look out” for with HVAC duct leaks?

The most common tell-tale sign there is a problem with your HVAC ducting is a lack of efficiency. In other words, you have your HVAC unit at its usual setting, but the results just don’t seem as good as usual. It can either be the maintaining of a regular temperature, or the length of time it takes for your home to cool down once the HVAC unit is fired up. Of course, in the winter, the reverse can apply and you may be struggling to maintain warmth in your home, or it seems to take forever on cold days to warm everything up.

Because ‘out of sight, out of mind’ is such an applicable saying when it comes to HVAC ducting, you have to remember to make a conscious effort to check your ducting, or have it checked by a qualified engineer when they come out to perform a regular service on your main HVAC unit.

How much does a duct leak cost me in wasted energy?

It is always difficult to quantify a figure when duct leaks can vary in size. However, as an average, a typical duct leak can see you waste up to 25% of energy, and consequently increase your HVAC running costs by 25%. Over a season, that can amount to a hefty sum of money!

Getting your ducting checked is not a costly process, and here at A&E Air Conditioning and Heating we have all the right equipment to make sure that we can inspect all those hard to reach and tucked away sections of your ducting, making sure that if you have the makings of a major ducting problem, it gets nipped in the bud before it costs you more money than it should. So, you know what to do next, just give us a call and ask us out to check over your HVAC system and its ducting. It doesn’t cost you anything for an inspection, and could save you money in the long term.


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