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Believe It Or Not, But If Your HVAC Unit Is freezing In Summer, This Is Not A Good Sign

In the summer you want your HVAC unit to be blasting chilled air throughout your home, so it would seem logical that to do so, the unit has to be ice cold. The problem is, that isn’t quite how things work, and your own home refrigerator is probably a good example. It may be ice-cold inside, but on the outside, if anything, it is warm.

With your HVAC unit the principal works on heat exchange, it draws in warm air and injects cool air in its place into your home. The unit itself should not freeze on the outside as that is not where the heat exchange process takes place. If you do notice ice on the outside of your HVAC unit, then there is something very wrong, usually in the form of a refrigerant leak, or there is a blockage in airflow. Either way, you need the services of a qualified HVAC engineer, such as one of us here at A&E Air Conditioning and Heating.

Once we have come out, we can advise you on exactly where the problem lies, and the solutions available to you. Sometimes, if it is poor air circulation, this can be just the result of poor regular maintenance and can easily be fixed. However, if there is a refrigerant leak, then you may want to establish if you have the old, and now banned R-22 refrigerant in your HVAC unit, which can’t be replaced, or the new R-410A refrigerant which is environmentally friendly and far safer. We can also advise you on the cost of repairs, the likely lifespan of your existing HVAC unit and work out if, in the longer term, it may prove more economical to replace the whole HVAC unit.

If you find your HVAC unit is freezing, or is not performing as well as usual, switch it off and call us immediately to arrange an urgent inspection of your system.


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