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    Winter Caution – Protect Against Frozen Pipes

    Frozen PipesWinter these days doesn’t so much creep up on us as hit us full on over a period of just a few days. One minute we’re beginning to get things ready for winter, the next thing we know, there’s no cold water coming out of the faucet. So, to save you any (potentially expensive) calamities this winter, here at A&E Air Conditioning and Heating we thought we’d create a list of precautions to take this winter to reduce any chance of damage being caused to any of your water pipes:

    • Turn off any external faucets using the appropriate stop valve found inside your home. Leave the faucet open so that any remaining water in the pipe can expand if frozen, rather than bursting your pipe. If the tap continues to leak after you have shut off the valve, then chances are you need a new valve.
    • Check that all the pipework in your home in colder areas has been insulated – areas that are most prone to freezing include crawl spaces, attics and in cupboards that are fixed to the inside of external walls. Don’t forget the basement either!
    • Make sure swimming pool supply lines and water sprinkler lines have been cleared.
    • Empty and store all garden hoses indoors.
    • Empty all water tanks that you use for storing roof water/wastewater to be used for watering the garden in the summer.
    • Check that the main external stop valve to your home’s water supply is well insulated. It is likely located a few feet down, but in severely cold weather, the ground surrounding it will become frozen.

    As a final tip, while we hope that these precautions will see you safe throughout the winter season, make sure you know where the main stop valve in inside your property just in case a pipe bursts or you spring a leak… If you’re struggling to find it, or want a helping hand to make sure your home has been “winter-proofed”, just give us a call and we’ll be glad to come out and assist.


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