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    Why Regular Tune-ups For Your Furnace Are So Important

    For many of you, not bothering with a regular maintenance contract for your furnace or HVAC unit may seem like money saved, especially if you have a relatively new one. The problem is, there is a fair chance that this will become a false economy and, in the longer term, could end up costing you a great deal more money than you think you have saved. The following isn’t a list of problems we have pulled out of thin air to try and convince you to set up a regular maintenance contact with us though. It is a list of well-known facts which we simply want you to be made aware of so that whether or not you decide to set up a regular maintenance contract for you furnace or HVAC unit, that decision is an informed one.

    First, and this is especially important, if you have a relatively new furnace or HVAC unit, chances are that any warranties and guarantees that came with the unit will be voided if you are unable to show that it has been regularly serviced.

    Second, no matter what the age of your furnace or HVAC unit, if not regularly serviced, it will not operate at optimum efficiency and, as a consequence, your fuel bill will be higher than it should or could be.

    Third, everyone will agree that installing a new furnace or HVAC unit is a major expense and one you want to avoid repeating. The best way to do that is to ensure that it is regularly serviced. If a furnace or HVAC unit from a reputable manufacturer is regularly maintained, it will likely last between five and ten years longer than one which hasn’t been maintained and only serviced whenever something has gone wrong with it.

    Fourth, oftentimes you only realize there is something wrong with your furnace or HVAC unit when you get a fuel bill and discover it is way higher than you anticipated. A unit that is running inefficiently isn’t always easy to recognize, but regular maintenance can avoid such a costly event.

    Fifth, air quality is important and can have a major effect on the enjoyment of your home. Regular servicing of your furnace or HVAC unit will also include inspection of your ducting and any filters to ensure they are free from any accumulation of dust and fibers that can create unwanted odors in your home.

    Sixth, many of us want to be eco friendly and reduce our carbon footprint. We may not have any option but to use a gas-fired furnace, but that doesn’t mean we can’t minimize our carbon footprint by making sure it is running as efficiently as possible.

    Seventh, there is peace of mind, which is difficult to put any price on. With a regular maintenance contract, you minimize the chances of any unexpected breakdown of your furnace, something especially important in the middle of the harshest of winters now that we are experiencing more extreme weather conditions.

    Last, but not least, there is your own health and safety. Any gas-powered appliance in your home, whether your furnace or range, is potentially dangerous if not properly maintained. Minimizing the risk of a gas leak, particularly if it is carbon monoxide from exhaust fumes, is vital. Carbon monoxide is particularly dangerous as it is odorless and our engineers will always check that your home has adequate CO detectors.

    So, now you have the facts, we hope you will see that having a regular maintenance contract for your furnace or HVAC unit makes a lot of sense. So, why not give us a call here at A&E Air Conditioning and Heating and we can talk you through everything that is involved with such a maintenance contract and what the annual costs will be.


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