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    Top 8 Problems With Your HVAC Unit You Can Avoid With Regular Servicing

    Budgeting has never been tougher for many of you than it is right now. It is easy to look at bills and pay those that are urgent and postpone paying those that aren’t. But what about getting your HVAC serviced. Is that one bill you could do without? The simple answer is no, but that’s not us saying so because we are HVAC engineers. No. There are numerous reasons why your HVAC unit should be regularly serviced, which include safety, efficiency, and prolonging the life of your unit.

    Regular HVAC Service

    Beyond that, failing to have your HVAC unit regularly serviced can lead to any, if not all of the following problems:

    1. A banging noise when your unit fires up. This is generally a sign that a part or parts have worked loose. This may not sound like a major problem, but major problems usually come about as a result of ignoring minor ones.
    2. A scraping sound usually means that a part has become totally dislodged and as with point 1, best to get it seen to before it causes further damage to your unit.
    3. A constant rattling sound when your unit is operating is once again a classic sign of loose part. Check around the unit just to make sure you haven’t got something propped up against it as the rattle may not be the unit yourself, but something that is in contact with the outside of it.
    4. If you can hear a squeaking sound it is unlikely to be a mouse! Instead, this is often the early sign that a part in the unit is wearing out. Best not to wait until the part fails and instead call out an engineer.
    5. A grinding sound is never a healthy one and invariably a signal that there is a mechanical issue with your HVAC unit.
    6. The system is running in short and punctuated cycles. This may be something as simple as a faulty thermometer, or it could be the sign of something more serious.
    7. Your fuel bill seems to be higher than you had anticipated. Providing you haven’t installed anything else that is new within your household, higher-than-expected fuel bills are usually a sign that your boiler is not operating efficiently and requires a service/overhaul/replacement.
    8. Your home just doesn’t smell as fresh as it used to and there is almost a musty smell pervading the rooms. This could either be caused by the heat exchanger in your HVAC unit or, more likely, there is a problem with the air filter or ducting.

    Your HVAC unit is one of the principal elements in your home that makes it comfortable and enjoyable to live in. When it is not functioning to its full potential, that can have a hugely detrimental effect on your quality of life. Regular maintenance of your HVAC unit is a great way to ensure that it lasts longer, costs less to run, and won’t break down at the worst possible time. To find out how much a regular maintenance contract would be with A&E, give us a call and we’ll be glad to give you some figures that may surprise you, and in a good way!


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