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    Three Of The Most Common Heater Problems You May Need To Get Fixed

    The simple truth is that we all have experienced problems with our heating system, no matter how well we look after it and have had it maintained. Of course, problems vary in size and effect. It might just be that it has started making an odd noise. This sort of problem can’t usually be avoided with regular maintenance, but at worst it is an inconvenience, a nuisance. However, there are three regular problems that we frequently get calls for help for here at A&E Air Conditioning and Heating.

    First are airflow problems. Often these can be disguised as just a lack of heating efficiency and an ability to get the rooms up to their usual temperature. These can also manifest themselves through excess dust in the house or an unusual, stale smell. Two things could be the root cause of these problems. First, your air filter might be blocked, and air isn’t flowing freely around the heat exchanger. Second, it may be that your ducts have become blocked with dust and fibers, or a duct connection has failed and all you are now doing is heating your crawlspace or attic.

    Heater Needs Fixing

    There again, when was the last time you had your heating system checked of serviced? The heater itself and its internal components can get dirty. As an example, the evaporator coil in your heat pump can get coated in debris. Too much dirt can lead to a malfunctioning of the ignition switch, while also creating problems for heat exchangers. Signs of problems aren’t just inefficient heating, but also the smell of burning dust.

    When was the last time you checked your thermostat was functioning properly/correctly? If it is playing up or not working at all, your heater has no idea when to fire up or when to switch off. Overriding your thermostat is a possibility, but an expensive one in the short term as your heating costs are likely to skyrocket as a consequence.
    We’re sure you’ve heard of the expression ‘prevention is better than cure’, and that definitely relates to heating systems. Here at A&E we cannot overemphasize the importance of having your heating system regularly checked, so why not give us a call and we’ll give you an idea of costs involved with either a check-up or full system service, in advance.


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