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    The Three Main Reason’s Your Heater Isn’t Throwing Out Any Heat

    There’s nothing worse than returning to a cold home after you have spent a long and arduous day at work, or you have just plowed your way through an icy-cold blizzard to finally make it home to guaranteed comfort. Sure, the timers were all set and until today you’d never had a problem with the heating coming on a short while before you were due to walk in the front door. So, what’s the likely cause of the problem?

    HVAC Issues

    First, let’s make sure none of the obvious reasons apply, like someone accidentally switched the heater off at the wall or a fuse has blown. Does the unit appear to be working and that it simply is a case that no heat is coming out of the grills?

    If all “appears” to be working, then a smart move is to check that there is no blockage in the ducting, especially at bends. It is remarkable how much dust and fiber can build up in your ducting, and if it is not regularly cleaned, it doesn’t take long for it to get blocked, especially at the corners. While you’re at it, it is also worth checking your air filter. If that has been omitted from your regular checklist, it may be that insufficient air can pass through it. Maybe a good idea to just double-check that the blower fan is actually functioning properly as well.

    Next on the list is the heat exchanger – that part of the heater that is responsible for warming the air before it enters the ductwork and makes its way out through the vents. If there is a strange smell of gas and no heat coming out, then there is a strong possibility that your heat exchanger has cracked. The only ‘fix’ for this problem is to immediately turn off the heater and call an engineer.

    Finally, while you may have checked the ductwork for blockages, did you also check that it was all still properly connected? It may be that you gave the ductwork a thorough cleaning the other day and accidentally loosened a connection, which has finally given way. It might be a good idea to check your attic or any crawlspace to see if those areas are warm – if they are, then you’ve got to the root cause of the problem and should be able to fix it yourself. However, if the ductwork has become separated, to avoid this happening again, it may pay you to have an engineer come out and check it for you.

    Here at A&E we will always do our best to come out on an emergency call in the cold of winter, but we are just as happy to give your heating system a quick check-over and service at the beginning of winter so that you can be assured of a warm and cozy house when winter temperatures bite. Just give us a call and we’ll be glad to give you an idea of costs for a system check and full service in advance.


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