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    Is Your HVAC Furnace Leaking?

    We all dread the sight of any water around or next to our furnace as it invariably means there is a problem and, probably a costly one at that. It may be that you are more a reactionary as opposed to a proactive person and therefore you only call out an HVAC engineer when something is clearly wrong. A proactive person calls out the HVAC engineer twice a year to get the unit serviced so that it will work without problem throughout the year.

    So, what is likely to be wrong with your HVAC unit if there is water beside it? Chances are it can be put down to one of three things.


    Today’s furnaces are highly efficient and therefore condensation is a normal part of the system which is usually dealt with without problem. However, if you’ve got a blocked condensation tube or drain, a break in the condensation tube or a problem with the condensation pump, then you will have the tell-tale signs to go with it. If you have a standard-efficiency furnace, then the condensation may be something as simple as a poorly fitting flue pipe and where the hot air from the furnace hits cold air, then condensation can form and drip back down the outside of the pipe.

    The Humidifier

    If you have a small unit attached to your furnace with inlets and outlets for water, electricity and drainage, this is most likely a humidifier. The furnace utilizes this humidifier to add moisture to the warm air circulating throughout your home to stop the air drying out and making it harder for you to breathe normally. However, if you have a clogged filter or drain, that will create a leak and if not quickly rectified, can cause considerable damage to the inside of the unit.

    The Secondary Heat Exchanger

    The heat exchanger removes heat from the exhaust fumes of your furnace, but if this is the cause of a leak then you have a major problem and it may be time to consider changing your furnace entirely.


    The best thing we can suggest here at A&E is to book an appointment for one of our engineers to come out and give your HVAC a thorough check over to ensure that there are no potentially damaging leaks and that there won’t be a problem in the future either.


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