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    Getting The Most Out Of An Old HVAC System

    Whether you have just moved home and found yourself the lucky owner of an old HVAC system, or you haven’t noticed the passing of time and ten years have gone by since you installed your current HVAC system, this doesn’t automatically mean a large bill is looming. With some simple precautions and regular maintenance, you should be able to get a few more years of efficient running of out of your current system.

    The average life span of a well-maintained HVAC unit is approximately 15 years. Look at anything beyond that as a bonus, and the reward for carefully looking after your system. There is also something you need to consider, and that is the advancements in modern technology and how much more efficient and effective today’s HVAC units are. So, even if your current 15-year-old system is still working, you may want to look at a modern option that will likely see your fuel bills drop.

    Your current regular maintenance routine should include twice-yearly servicing, the immediate repair of any problems that appear, and keeping filters and ducts as clean as possible. A bit like an old car, once maintenance costs begin to exceed roughly 25% of the cost of a new unit, it’s time to forget about being faithful, and time to start eyeing up a new HVAC unit. It makes logical sense that even if you are going to shell out for a major repair, you should consider how well the rest of the unit will hold up over time. There’s little point in replacing a motor that will then run for ten years, if the rest of the unit is unlikely to last more than another three.

    Not sure what your best option is? Why not give us a call at (210) 404-2665 and ask us to come out and have a look at your existing unit and make some suggestions based on your budget. You might be pleasantly surprised to see that what you save in energy costs with a new unit can go a long way towards contributing to the actual cost of that unit.


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