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    Don’t Make These Costly Mistakes When Running an HVAC Unit to Cool Your Home

    With a little bit of careful planning, not only can you reduce the running costs of your HVAC unit, but you can also make it last longer before it requires replacement, or costly repairs. There is an expression which says: “A little knowledge can go a long way”, and with the knowledge you will gain in this article, you should go a long way to having a comfortable environment in your home, and a still-healthy bank account.

    Biggest isn’t always best. HVAC units cost money to run, and the bigger the unit, the greater the cost. You don’t need an HVAC unit that is capable of cooling a house with a volume of 1,000 cubic meters, when the volume of the property is only 400 cubic meters. You’ll be wasting considerable energy. In addition, HVAC units also get warm, so if you are running the unit on low, you’ll also be paying to cool the heat it produces.

    Running your HVAC unit on a permanently low setting. You want your home to be cool when you are there, but it doesn’t have to be when you are out at work. Just because you want to come home to an icebox doesn’t mean you have to leave your unit running on cool all day long. Getting a programmable thermostat will go a long way to solving this problem, and wall also help reduce running costs to the point where the thermostat will pay for itself in no time. Additionally, running your air conditioning on low temperature for long periods of time will lead to it wearing out far sooner than you would want.

    Hiding your HVAC unit won’t help it. Yes, HVAC units aren’t the prettiest in the world, but hiding it away in a corner and surrounding it with plants won’t do it any good Poor air circulation will put undue pressure on fans and the motor and could lead to the need for early and costly replacement.

    Postponing maintenance. This is definitely a false economy. Here at A&E in San Antonio, TX, we have almost too much evidence to show that in the long run, regular maintenance pays for itself in the long run, guarantees you uninterrupted air conditioning, especially at times when you need it most, and considerably reduces the need for costly repairs.

    If you want to be sure your HVAC unit runs at maximum efficiency and totally trouble free, call us and ask us out to give your system the once-over, and to advise on any changes you would be advised to make.


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