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    Archive: January 2021

    What’s Causing My Furnace To Trip The Circuit Breaker?

    If the circuit breaker for you furnace or HVAC unit keeps tripping, there is no need to panic and anticipate that a hefty repair bill will be something else for you to deal with. Furnaces are inherently dangerous units as they involve gas or oil burning in order for air […]


    Why Is There Water Coming From My Furnace?

    Unfortunately, it is not a good sign if you discover a build up of water on the floor by your furnace. In simple terms, something is wrong. However, it’s not all bad news and often swift action and a maybe call to a qualified furnace engineer can fix most problems […]


    How Often Should You Change Your Furnace Filter?

    Perhaps before answering the question of how often you should change your furnace filter, maybe it would make more sense to understand why it is important to change your air filter and why it is not something that only needs doing ‘when you feel like getting round to it.’ There […]


    How Long Should Your HVAC Unit Last?

    This is probably the most commonly asked question, especially from homeowners whose HVAC units have more than a few miles on the clock. The problem is, it’s actually quite a difficult question to answer when there is no exact answer. Why? Because there are a number of variables that can […]