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    Archive: February 2020

    Freon – R22 Often Used In HVAC Units Is Now Officially Banned For Import Or Production In The USA

    If you have a relatively HVAC at home, you may be wondering why the banning of production or importation of Freon, or R22 as it is known, may have any relevance to you. Older HVAC units contained CFCs Well, old HVAC units used Freon as a coolant and subsequent research […]


    Protecting Your HVAC Unit From Bad Weather

    Let’s face it, HVAC units aren’t cheap, so once you have had one installed, or if you live in a new home where one was already installed, you want it to last for as long as possible. Therefore, learning how to provide the best protection against bad weather will make […]


    The Importance Of Maintaining Commercial HVAC Units

    The reasons for maintaining a commercial HVAC system are exactly the same as those for maintaining a domestic HVAC system, but with a few additions. Frequent maintenance increases lifespan of the HVAC unit Frequent maintenance maximizes efficiency of the HVAC unit Frequent maintenance of your HVAC unit leads to reduced […]


    Questions You Should Be Asking Your HVAC Engineer

    Okay, here’s the scenario. You are either faced with the prospect of installing a new HVAC unit in your home, replacing an old and inefficient unit, or you have just moved into a new home, in a new area, and you want to find a reputable HVAC engineer to carry […]


    Health & Safety Of Our HVAC Installation And Maintenance Staff Is Of Utmost Importance

    It is one thing to want to provide the very vest service to our many valued clients, but here at A&E Air Conditioning and Heating our greatest asset is our staff, and if we don’t look after them properly, we don’t have a business that can deliver on our promises. […]


    Why Tankless Water Heaters Can Be A Great Option

    Perhaps to get a better understanding of the benefits of a tankless water heater, a brief description of a tanked water heater system and its drawbacks may help. A tanked water heater is usually a large, insulated cylinder that holds between 200 liters and 400 liters of water. Usually inside […]


    What Is Involved In Installing A Commercial Cooling System?

    Installing a commercial cooling system is a completely different ball-game to installing a domestic HVAC unit and requires experienced installation experts.  At A&E Air Conditioning and Heating, we thought we would run through an example of what would be involved for the installation of an air cooling system in an […]


    What To Do Before Calling Us Out If Your HVAC Unit Stops Working

    A&E Air Conditioning and Heating will come out on an urgent call whenever help is needed. However, while we believe our call-out fees are very fair, we like to go one step further and make sure that what we may be called out for can’t be easily fixed by yourself. […]


    The 5 Most Common Things That Pollute The Air In Your Home

    This may come as a surprise to you, but closing your windows doesn’t necessarily keep your home free from pollutants. In fact, you may be trapping pollutants in your home that a light, fresh breeze could well reduce. Surprisingly, it is many of the things we use in in our […]


    With The Banning Of Fluorine, Or R-22, Is It Possible To Mix Refrigerants?

    Now that Freon, or R-22 will no longer be imported into the U.S or be manufactured within the country, there is going to be a misguided misconception that refrigerants are basically all the same and that if an older refrigeration unit contains R-22, then it can be topped up with […]