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    Carbon Monoxide And Smoke Detectors

    Here at A&E Air Conditioning and Heating we cannot stress strongly enough just how important smoke detectors are in your home. However, if you also have a gas furnace or a woodburner in your home, then you also need to give serious thought to the installation of carbon monoxide alarms […]


    The Importance Of Clean Ductwork In Your Home

    As long as your HVAC unit seems to be working, it is pretty much a case of letting sleeping dogs lie. For many of you, if the unit has given you no problems for a year, what is the point in getting an engineer out to check things over when […]


    We Accommodate All Your AC Servicing Needs In And Around Bulverde, TX

    If you are new to the Bulverde, TX area, then no doubt you will be filling your address book full of the names and addresses of people you may need to call on from time to time. Obviously, there will be the physician, dentist, local builder/handyman, electrician and plumber to […]


    Highlighting The Benefit of a Mini-Split HVAC System

    There are two principal drawbacks to a traditional HVAC unit, though these far outweigh the drawback of not having one at all! First, the ducting can take up quite a lot of space within your home, and not every property, especially if of an older design, makes the installation of […]


    Some Useful Advice To Help Cut The Costs of Running Your AC Unit

    Depending on where you live, having an AC unit can be an added luxury to make home living absolutely perfect when the temperature begins to rise, or it can be an absolute Godsend and virtual necessity if you live in an area where temperatures soar in the summer months. If […]