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Prepping Your Home For the Fall Temperature Drop

It probably doesn’t seem that long ago that you were getting you HVAC system checked over for the heat of the coming summer months. Now it’s the turn of winter to challenge you to keep your home comfortable and at the ideal temperature. Of course, while your HVAC unit will be due a checkup, there are other things you can do to make your home ready for the colder months ahead.

  1. First off, and though this may sound odd, get some fresh air into your home. Unless you live in a particularly heavily polluted environment, the external air is generally much cleaner than the air in your home, so time for an air change!
  2. Check the air filters for your HVAC unit – they could have been doing a great job over the summer months, but checking your air filters at least twice a year is a must.
  3. Check your vents and registers to make sure there are no obstructions. We often live differently inside our home depending on the season. As such, we can move furniture around and forget that we may have inadvertently blocked an air vent or register.
  4. Check your ducting for air leaks. These are bad enough in the summer when you want your HVAC unit to be cooling the air in your home, but it can be just as frustrating if your heating system isn’t working efficiently either. If you’re having trouble checking less accessible areas of your ducting, here at A&E Air Conditioning and Heating we have all the equipment needed to do a thorough check for you.
  5. Check your carbon monoxide detector. Every home should have one, and it is just as important to check it is working, regularly.

Many of our existing customers are already booked in for their fall HVAC checkup. If you want to ensure your own system is operating efficiently and safely over the colder months of the year, then why not give us a call and add your name to the list? Not only will you get excellent service from all our trained HVAC engineers, but peace of mind comes free with all our completed servicing.


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