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Category: AC Repair

Believe It Or Not, But If Your HVAC Unit Is freezing In Summer, This Is Not A Good Sign

In the summer you want your HVAC unit to be blasting chilled air throughout your home, so it would seem logical that to do so, the unit has to be ice cold. The problem is, that isn’t quite how things work, and your own home refrigerator is probably a good […]


Is Your HVAC Ducting Air Tight, or Does it Leak?

It is hard to ‘visualize’ the problems created by leaking air ducts, simply because any problems are unlikely to be clearly visible. It is for this reason that ducting problems are one of the most poorly diagnosed HVAC problems, and why they can often cost you a great deal of […]


5 Signs That Tell You Your Air Conditioner Requires Maintenance

It is really a typical job to remember about the air condition maintenance, until it reaches a severe condition and you have to pay a heavy cost to repair it. Often, your AC system suddenly fails and this is the tough time for you and your family, especially in hottest […]