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5 Signs That Tell You Your Air Conditioner Requires Maintenance

It is really a typical job to remember about the air condition maintenance, until it reaches a severe condition and you have to pay a heavy cost to repair it. Often, your AC system suddenly fails and this is the tough time for you and your family, especially in hottest season. Here, we are providing some guidelines, which may benefit you in understanding the symptoms that your air condition needs maintenance.

  1. Uneven and irregular cooling: Uneven cooling indicates the issue in the duct. It means the air conditioner is wearing out. In that case, you should call service boy for air conditioner maintenance, otherwise it will result in complete failure of your AC.
  2. Strange and odd noises: Odd and strange sounds coming out from your air condition, is not a good sign. It means something is wrong in the system. When you hear such noises from your AC, jump to your phone set and hire professionals for air conditioner maintenance.
  3. Rise in temperature: Rise in the temperature is a bad sign. It means you might have broken motor fan, dirty coil, leaky refrigerant or wearing electrical components. In such situations your air condition requires maintenance.
  4. Not turning on: If your air conditioner does not turn at all, it’s a time to call HVAC professional for your air conditioner maintenance.
  5. Leakage of refrigerant: Leakage of the refrigerant is harmful for the environment. It needs to be repaired at once.


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