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Archive: September 2017

Believe It Or Not, But If Your HVAC Unit Is freezing In Summer, This Is Not A Good Sign

In the summer you want your HVAC unit to be blasting chilled air throughout your home, so it would seem logical that to do so, the unit has to be ice cold. The problem is, that isn’t quite how things work, and your own home refrigerator is probably a good […]


Did You Know Your Furnace Can be Stopping You From Sleeping Well?

Did you know that the National Sleep Foundation recommends that for the best night’s sleep, the ambient temperature of your bedroom should be a relatively cool 65 degrees? Part of the reason for this is that your body has its own heating and cooling mechanisms that allow you to regulate […]


Don’t Panic If You’ve Got an HVAC Leak

If your HVAC unit has a water leak, don’t panic. That water is not part of a tank or reservoir of water, it is simply condensed water which has collected while the refrigeration unit has been operating. However, at the first sign of a leak, get in touch with a […]


Preparing For Your Next HVAC Service

If you’ve got the hang of having your HVAC unit regularly serviced, then you will have no doubt got used to the routine. However, if you are new to having an HVAC unit, then here at A&E Air Conditioning and Heating we have some helpful tips for you to make […]


Is Your HVAC Ducting Air Tight, or Does it Leak?

It is hard to ‘visualize’ the problems created by leaking air ducts, simply because any problems are unlikely to be clearly visible. It is for this reason that ducting problems are one of the most poorly diagnosed HVAC problems, and why they can often cost you a great deal of […]


What Is The MERV Rating of an HVAC Unit and is it Important?

MERV is another acronym commonly found in the HVAC sector and stands for Minimum Energy Report Value. That in itself will likely mean nothing to you, so here at A&E Air Conditioning and Heating, we’d like to explain in greater detail not just what a MERV is, but why it […]


EER and SEER Have Nothing To Do With Hearing and Seeing an HVAC Unit!

Two new “words” that you may come across today in your search for a new HVAC unit are the acronyms EER and SEER. EER stands for Energy Efficiency Rating, while SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. Both are of equal importance, but you also have to know in which […]


Getting The Most Out Of An Old HVAC System

Whether you have just moved home and found yourself the lucky owner of an old HVAC system, or you haven’t noticed the passing of time and ten years have gone by since you installed your current HVAC system, this doesn’t automatically mean a large bill is looming. With some simple […]